"How Would You Like To TRIPLE You're Reading Speed In Less Than 1 HOUR..."

The average American reads at just 200 words per minute (wpm) with a 60% comprehension rate. That effectively means they're reading 120 words every minute.

Which means an average 200-page book takes SIX SOLID HOURS to finish.

Well get ready to change your reading habits, your confidence and your LIFE -- starting TODAY!     

Dear Friend,

Chances are you're angry, frustrated and confused ... and I'll bet you've even tried out a couple Speed Reading programs with poor results. And maybe you are still feeling overwhelmed.

I was overwhelmed and stressed out with mounds of paperwork to go through and I HAD to figure something out because I couldn't even see my desk top. After some time, through lots of research and reading I learned how the experts speed read, I'm talking read at lightning speed and UNDERSTAND what was in the text - in other words, how speed reading REALLY works.

Now I can breeze through mounds of paperwork and large books in no time, giving me the "superhero-like" ability of learning at warp speed. I'm talking reading any book at anytime and becoming a guru in any topic. It's truly amazing.

Let's say you read with an average speed of 200 wpm, you spend around three hours per day reading, and only increase your reading speed by 50%.  You will save 60 minutes each and every day! And to be honest with you - 50% is almost nothing compared to what I have seen possible with these techniques.

Which means you will save at LEAST an hour a day.

What would that extra hour of relaxing, or spending time with your family, or friends be worth to you, not to mention the expert you will become in almost any topic.

Today I will be detailing "Rob Scott's Speed Reading Techniques" Video Program which will reveal in full how to accomplish so much more with your time and read at lightning speed.

You Will No Longer...

  • Snail your way through emails, web pages, books, or any written content 
  • Slumber and stutter with your words while speaking or reading, these tricks can not only enhance your reading comprehension but also you're vocabulary 
  • Struggle with retention, sometimes reading an email or a paragraph and forgetting it in minutes
  • Feel pressure being overloaded with content and work that needs to be read and understood 
  • Worry about being able to keep your work organized and prioritized as a result of overwhelm from unread literature 
  • Feel frustrated not being able to absorb knowledge or become an expert, now you can read and learn almost any topic with ease

You need to read QUICKLY and with EXCELLENT COMPREHENSION...

Imagine Being Able To Breeze Through Books In Just Minutes...

Inside You'll Learn:  

  • How to instantly change the STYLE of your reading so you can comprehend ENTIRE BOOKS in a rapid and totally new way
  • 4 Key Mindset Shifts that when you make them will INSTANTLY increase your reading speed
  • The 3 best ways to RETAIN what you read permanently
  • The most important EYE MOVEMENTS you can change so you can begin to literally FLY over the page
  • Find Speed Reading Mindsets, Techniques, and different Strategies, learn to read a full book in less than 15 minutes
  • Learn the issues and problems with information today and how amazing it can be to blow through and still retain information with all reading materials
  • Gain a great respect for books and categorize where the information is coming from so that you can go back and find the real gems while leaving behind the information that's extraneous
  • Go through the most information possible in the smallest amount of time, by changing your reading style and increasing you're reading speed - I'll show you how
  • Change how you interact with reading information by learning the 4 style's of reading, helping you realize your style and how that can increase reading comprehension
  • Understand the concept of "Mind Mapping" and how to really retain the information you are taking in, and keep it organized so that you can go back at any moment and find the important information
  • Attack 300 page books with ease, in no time at all know a lot about the books by breaking them down into the chapters, and sub ideas in which the author has chosen for you
  • Retain more information than you ever thought possible, learn levels of reading and comprehension, so that you know what information actually matters
  • Learn why "Level Two" reading can be a key ingredient to speed reading comprehension
  • Find ways to breeze through books by knowing what parts of the books you should be reading, and how "...the best reading you do is the reading you don't do"
  • Discover how focus is a crucial aspect of speed reading and reading comprehension when trying to really retain the information you are letting in
  • Create links and don't just passively allow information in, really know what the author is saying so that you are fully aware of what you're brain is pulling out
  • 60% of some books can be left alone and simple tricks like just reading the covers and chapter titles can really help with reading comprehension before you even begin
  • Find ways to read "idea to idea" in a chapter rather that "letter to letter" or "word to word", thus really creating less "eye stops" this can increase reading speed 10 fold
  • Read by groups of words that create the ideas, not wasting time saying the words in your head or without vocalizing it internally
  • Find the point of the paragraph much quicker, by reading the first sentence of each one and see how easily that can give you a solid gist of what the author is trying to say
  • Learn what the author is trying to say by learning author styles, so that every time you pick up a book you are prepared to gain the most from the text as possible
  • Learn expert reading patterns, that cause faster eye movement allowing for rapid word consumption and amazing reading comprehension
  • Some quick methods that will keep you from slowing down, keep you from going backwards and find the meaning of the words faster
  • Find the main ideas of the chapter by avoiding the little details, trust that the main points of the book will always be ahead of you
  • Be aware and know when to quit, know you don't have to stay with a book just because you started it, get rid of books that are not interesting or teaching you
  • Put together all of your skills and learn to read better and understand more with ease and no time at all
  • Create questions for each chapter and sub title and see if you can answer those questions based on what you read, this can really improve reading comprehension
  • Use the table of contents as a guide and a tool to organization of the concepts, a layout if you will how the author has chosen to organize the information
  • Get a visual image of the content by using "mind maps" which can help with retention, basically an outline of the main ideas of the book, keeping you on top of the facts so you know where to find the info important to you

Speed Reading Tricks Are Some Of The Coolest  Techniques You Can Learn

 These tips can really improve your work and efficiency.

Easily become an expert in countless specialties which would normally involve hours upon hours of reading and research.

BREEZE through books in absolute record time.

ZIP through Web pages and e-mail messages in seconds.

SAVE time.

SPEED UP your reading and your brain comprehension.

IMPROVE your confidence and learn to really ENJOY reading!

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    Be Well,

     P.S. Every tip, strategy, and technique that I share with you in this video program is a PROVEN winner. I use every one of them personally in real-world situations, and I know that they can work for you, too. Remember, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you're not happy, YOU DON'T PAY. This is truly a 100% risk- free offer

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Read What Others Have To Say About Working With Rob...

"Rob's personal attention and his exceptional style of coaching have radically transformed my way of life and outlook for the best. His approach of breaking down the challenges, instilling new habits and rituals to make a lasting change is second to none. Working with Rob is one of the best decisions I have ever made." - Sasi

"Rob is a down to earth guy who knows his stuff. He gets his points across in a way that relates specifically to what YOU are trying to accomplish. He focuses on your strengths and leaves you feeling each session like you are ready to conquer the world. I have a lot of respect for someone like Rob who is that in tune with the environment around him." - Brett

"Wow, what a transformation!! I feel like I have been hit by lightening... in a good way. What we accomplished today is, without exaggeration, complete liberation!! My family noticed the change immediately and are pleased for and with me. I have spent no more than 90 minutes putting together my goals and objectives and I am satisfied enough to share them with you. If you would like to offer any insight or critique I would be open to that. I am not sure what, if anything, to report for my goal # 3 objectives and metrics, so I value your thoughts and feedback Rob. I feel like a new woman and I am enjoying my new way of thinking and responding to my thoughts. I look forward to continued application of this thinking in all areas of my life, but most particularly at work! Thanks again Rob, it has been a stellar day for me. I will look forward to hearing back from you!" - Tracey

"I knew I was at a crossroads, both personally and professionally, but I was stuck, almost paralyzed by fear of making decisions I needed to make. I was always second guessing myself and questioning my motives and my abilities. I was not happy because I was terrified of taking risks and spent an inordinate amount of time worrying about the future or feeling guilty about choices I had made in the past. Yet I had a vague sense that I could accomplish much more and lead a happier and more authentic life if I could overcome my fears of taking a few bold steps forward. Calling Rob turned out to be the most important step. I had some general ideas of what to expect from a coach, but Rob has exceeded all of those expectations in every way. At times I have felt almost embarrassed that someone younger could be so much wiser in so many ways and because he often seems to know instinctively what I should do next to achieve my goals. Not only that, he has helped me clarify my goals, and, like a good coach, he doesn't let me make excuses for not taking action. I'm amazed at the steps I've taken over the past several months and the confidence I have gained, with Rob's help, to keep charging ahead. As a bonus, he himself is clearly leading an authentic life. He leads by example." - Wendell

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